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Dal Lake Day Trip

About the tour

Start your fascinating Dal Lake tour with the hallowed Shankaracharya Temple, which offers expansive views of the surrounding area. Take a cruise to the charming Pari Mahal and Cheshamshahi gardens, each of which offers a special fusion of natural beauty and historical significance. Finish at the lively Botanical Garden, where you may explore the variety of plants that surround this picturesque lake in the centre of Srinagar.


  • Temple of Shankaracharya: The Shankaracharya Temple, situated on a hill and providing breath-taking panoramic views of Srinagar and its environs, is a great place to start your Dal Lake tour.
  • Spiritual Significance: Add a layer of cultural richness to your journey by learning about the temple’s spiritual ambience and historical significance, which dates back to the 9th century.
  • Architectural Elegance:Take in the temple’s exquisite designs and tranquil ambiance, which blend harmoniously with the surrounding area’s natural beauty.
  • Cheshamshahi Gardens and Pari Mahal: See the historical splendour of Pari Mahal, a terraced garden with a rich history, and Cheshamshahi, a Mughal-era city that provides a window into the region’s royal past.
  • Cultural Heritage: Take in the history, art, and natural beauty of Pari Mahal and Cheshamshahi Gardens, which provide visitors a peaceful haven.
  • Garden of Botany: Finish your journey in the lively Botanical Garden on the beaches of Dal Lake, which showcases a wide range of plants from all around the area and beyond.Enjoy the lovely surroundings of the Botanical Garden, where vibrant blossoms, rich vegetation, and Dal Lake’s backdrop combine to produce an amazing visual feast.


Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.

Included Price

  • Included is a premium vehicle, tailored for comfort and perfect for navigating the picturesque landscapes of Srinagar.
  • Expert local driver, offering not just navigation but also insights into Srinagar’s rich heritage and hidden gems.
  • Comprehensive fuel coverage, ensuring a seamless journey without the worry of additional costs.

Excluded Price

  • Parking Fees and Toll: The service does not cover any parking and toll costs paid during stops or visits
  • Entry costs: It is the responsibility of the visitor to pay the entrance costs to tourist attractions
  • Driver Tips: It is the passenger’s choice to leave a gratuity for the driver; it is not included
  • Additional Stops: The passenger may be charged extra for any unscheduled or additional stops