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Conditions of Service for Saffron Routes

1. Agreement to the Terms:You accept these Terms and Conditions by utilising the services offered by Saffron Routes (Eroovo Tech PVT.LTD). Please do not use our services if you disagree with any aspect of these terms.

2. Description of Services:Both individuals and groups can use the transportation services offered by  Saffron Routes (Eroovo Tech PVT.LTD). We use our website and smartphone application to arrange rides between drivers and passengers.

3. Reservation and Funding:Riders can reserve rides using our website or app.
Several payment options are available, such as cash (if appropriate), digital wallets, and credit cards.
Demand, time of day, and distance are a few examples of the variables that might affect fare prices.

4. Remuneration and Cancellation:If appropriate, passengers may cancel reservations with the associated cancellation fees.
If a refund is available, it will be handled in accordance with our return policy.
5. Accountabilities of Passengers:Travellers are required to give precise information, which includes their pick-up and drop-off locations.Throughout the voyage, passengers are required to respect drivers and cars and abide by all applicable local rules and regulations.The personal items of passengers are their responsibility.
6. The Obligations of Drivers:Drivers are required to abide by all local laws and ordinances, especially those pertaining to insurance and vehicle safety.It is the responsibility of drivers to carry passengers in a safe and polite manner.

7. Security:Safety for both drivers and passengers comes first at Saffron Routes (Eroovo Tech PVT.LTD). We uphold safety regulations for both our drivers and our cars. Any safety issues should be reported right away by passengers.
8. Confidentiality:As outlined in our Privacy Policy, which is an essential component of these Terms and Conditions, we gather and utilise personal information.
9. Termination:If you violate these terms or any relevant laws, we retain the right, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, to cancel or suspend your access to our services.
10. Liability Limitations:When using our services, Saffron Routes (Eroovo Tech PVT.LTD) shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses, including but not limited to loss of money, harm, or inconvenience.