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Downtown Day Trip

About the tour

Take a day trip of Downtown, beginning with Jamia Masjid and ending at Hari Parbat for sweeping vistas. See the placid Nigeen Lake and end your spiritual tour of Srinagar’s cultural sites at Dargah Hazratbal, located on the northern shores of Dal Lake.

Jamia Majid:

  1. Jamia Masjid:Visit the famous Jamia Masjid in Srinagar to witness the magnificence of Islamic architecture.
    2. Spiritual Centre: Indulge in the calm atmosphere and profound spiritual meaning of this city’s main mosque.
    3. Cultural Hub: Take note of the numerous cultural events and get-togethers that frequently occur inside the mosque, which showcase the lively customs of the area.

Hari Parbat:

  •  Scenic Panorama: Climb to Hari Parbat for awe-inspiring sweeping views of Srinagar, including the surrounding mountains and Dal Lake.
  •  Historical Significance: Explore the old fort on top of the hill, which dates to the Mughal era and gives the location additional historical depth.
  • Visit the hallowed Temple, which is situated atop a hill and adds to Hari Parbat’s ethereal atmosphere.

Lake Nigeen:

  • Calm Retreat: Surrounded by rich vegetation, Nigeen Lake offers a tranquil alternative to the busy Dal Lake. Take in the peaceful atmosphere there.
  • Boat excursions and Relaxation: Take leisurely boat excursions on the immaculate waters or just laze around the peaceful beaches.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Take in the breathtaking scenery that is created by Nigeen Lake’s crystal-clear waters, which mirror the nearby hills.

Dargah Hazratbal:

  • Sacred Shrine: Travel to Hazratbal Dargah, a well-known Muslim shrine that draws pilgrims from all over the world to its shores on Dal Lake’s northern edge.
  • Religious Significance: The dargah’s spiritual significance is enhanced by the frequent religious processions and gatherings.

Included Price

  • Included is a premium vehicle, tailored for comfort and perfect for navigating the picturesque landscapes of Srinagar.
  • Expert local driver, offering not just navigation but also insights into Srinagar’s rich heritage and hidden gems.
  • Comprehensive fuel coverage, ensuring a seamless journey without the worry of additional costs

Excluded Price

  • Parking Fees and Toll: The service does not cover any parking and toll costs paid during stops or visits
  • Entry costs: It is the responsibility of the visitor to pay the entrance costs to tourist attractions
  • Driver Tips: It is the passenger’s choice to leave a gratuity for the driver; it is not included
  • Additional Stops: The passenger may be charged extra for any unscheduled or additional stops